Register your Device

The first time you open the app, you will be presented with a registration screen for the company ID. You will need to enter Empower's company ID.

Company ID: 800160.

Log into your Store

Once you have successfully registered your device, you will need to login. Your credentials are linked to your set store. If your login allows you access to multiple locations, you can select a store you want to logged into by using the location dropdown.


After you have successfully logged in, you will be taken to the dashboard where you can see your relevant data such as your activations, inventory and even commissions earned.


Navigate the app by using the menu shortcut found at the top left-hand side of the app


To record activations, go to the activation option of the app. There are two tabs in this window. The first tab to enter or search for the customer info and the second tab to enter the phone activation info.
On the first tab, you can either create a new customer record or enter the existing customers name/mobile number to pull up his records. As soon as you have entered or selected the customer info, you will then be taken to the second tab for the activation details.
On the activation info tab, you can manually enter the ESN of the phone or use the barcode scanner (camera) function of the app. You simply then just need to enter the required activation details.
Click save to finish the transaction.

Receive Stock

Go to Receive Stock If you are receiving inventory from another location or from the warehouse. This window will show you all inventory that is to be received. Simply click on accept to have those inventory be added to your stock.
You can also reject the transfer if needed.

Transfer Stock

You can use the stock transfer feature of the app if you need to share inventory to another agent or return it back to the warehouse.
Simply scan the ESN using the apps barcode scanner (camera) or you can also manually enter the ESN. Add the item to cart then select the agent you need to transfer the device to. Click the transfer to initiate